Wedding Day Bliss

Now that the wedding chaos has subdued, I am finally able to look back and reflect on the past 8 months. It sure doesn’t seem like it was 8 months ago that this wedding journey began.

It all started on October 17th, just five days after we celebrated our four year anniversary. This, by the way, may  have been the second best day of my life thus far. 🙂

Just weeks into our engagement, I was in  full wedding planning mode. As we were hoping for a Spring wedding, we had no time to waste. With May being the most popular month of the year to get married, we had to make some decisions quickly.  The pressure to make decisions, paired with me finishing up my last two months of college, made the beginning of our engagement a rather trying one. All I really wanted to do was plan our wedding, although there were some other pretty important things to think about at that time- like graduating college. After a lot of determination and making myself focus only on what was of top importance, we took care of the big stuff, and I made it through graduation! Woohoo!

Two degrees later,  I was finally able to focus all of my attention on planning our dream wedding. Believe it or not, I was not one of those little girls who grew up fantasizing about  their wedding. I was a strange child with a vivid imagination. Instead of picking out flowers and wedding dresses, I was more interested in observing the local villagers, AKA our family pets, and later writing stories about my observations. Hmmm.

So, there I was with a blank canvas ready to draw up the masterpiece that every (well many) little girl dreams about. After many hours of research, long restless nights, list after list after list, aniexty, excitement, meetings, DIY projects, tears, charts, schedules….the list could go on and on, the canvas was drawn and our masterpiece was created. The day I got to marry my best friend had finally come.

Just two days before the wedding, I found myself sitting alone in my room, journaling, reading, and eating baked Cheetos. Surprisingly calm and relaxed for such a big day being just two days away. All of the hard work had paid off. I was finally able to rest, relax, and reflect on what was about to happen.

Then, just like that, it was here. THE big day! In the midst of the chaos of frantically making sure all the details were just right, I made sure to step back, get a good look, and take it all in. Which, by the way, for all you brides to be, don’t sweat it! Those little details made zero difference to me just hours later. I remember at one point in the evening seeing kids running around with flowers from the arrangements that my mom and I so thoughtfully designed and put together, seeing decorations out of place, and realizing some things never even got put in place, but it didn’t matter! Just hours before, I would have never said that, but after it was all said it done, those things were nothing! The important thing was, I just married my best friend, and was celebrating with those that I love.  THAT is what was important.

Needless to say, our wedding day was everything we always dreamed of. Perfect weather, an anointed ceremony, and a rocking reception, all with our family and friends by our side. We cried, we worshiped, and we partied. All in celebration of something GREAT.

Now, for your viewing pleasure, here are some pictures of this perfect day by our wedding photographers, The Hudsons Modern Photography. We are still anxiously awaiting to see them all, but for now, here is a teaser. Enjoy!

Chanika’s prayer before the ceremony brought us all to tears! What a special moment.

OH the excitement!

Such a sweet, sweet moment.

Such a perfect setting.

Mr. and Mrs. Doss!

Such a fun reception! Love this!

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