The Home Run Stretch

As wonderful as graduating college, getting married, and planning a move across  country is, it also comes with heaps of stress and responsibility. Finding a place to live, finding a job, planning the move, packing for the move, etc. gives this newlywed a very busy schedule. I have now entered into a world consumed with resumes and cover letters. I’ve entered the world of the competitive job market. Not only do I dislike writing about how qualified of a person I am, but I despise formalistic writing. My first take at cover letter number one was a total bust. I sounded like a programed robot writing just what I thought employers would want to hear. Once I realized that you are allowed to throw in some creativity to such a drab document, my true colors finally started to show. Now, with one cover letter down, and who knows how many to go (as many as it takes to get me a job), here I am in my little nook and cranny where I can write about whatever it is that is currently on my mind.

We are now a month out from the big move. A mere four weeks left in the diamond of the south. This month may fly by even quicker than the month before our wedding. I never thought such a thing were possible until now. There is still lots of job searching, packing (which we haven’t even started), visiting, and preparing left to do. A month hardly feels like enough. Next week we take off to San Francisco to visit with my brother, sister-in-law, and my sweet new nephew who we likely won’t see again for some time, and then it’s just two weeks until the move! As excited as I am, this is such a bittersweet experience. Time to cherish every moment left with my friends, family, and sweet little dog.

As much as I will miss Arkansas,  I am so excited about the fun to be had in our new home! I can hardly complain about living in one of the most beautiful areas of the country! The things to do in the New England are unending. I can’t wait for whale watching in Cape Cod, eating lobster in Maine, and to have an array of ski resorts right at our fingertips. Oh, and not to mention the beautiful New England fall foliage. A sight unlike anywhere else in the country.

One stress reliever is that we officially have a place to call home in Boston. Right on the heart of Commonwealth Avenue (or as the locals would say, Com Ave). We are just a few blocks away from the Boston College campus, with a subway stop, park, and lake right out our front door. I’ve only seen pictures, but I trust Jacob’s judgement and am just sure I will love our new apartment!

You’d think that I would be dreading the approximate 28 hour drive, but I have a number of reasons to be excited. For one, we will be making the trip in our brand new 2011 Honda CRV, which should be arriving sometime later today! This was meant to be a graduation present, but with so much going on over the last few months, we are just now getting around to making something happen. Secondly, we are stretching the two day drive into a 10 day drive so that we can see some sights along the way. Jacob, having previously lived in Virginia, has had a good chance to see much that the Northeast has to offer. Me on the other hand, has never seen some of our countries greatest monuments. Our itinerary includes a stroll through DC’s national mall, a Philly cheesesteak in Philadelphia, a stay with the Amish in Lancaster County, and a three day adventure in NYC. This gives me good reason to look forward to the drive!

Meanwhile, it is back to job searching, packing, and trying to squeeze in as much time with my family friends as possible. Until next time.

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