Terminella Lobster Bake

What do you get with 50 pounds of seafood and 30 hungry Italians? The best New England lobster bake this side of the… well, the best lobster bake outside of New England itself.

I think all of this talk of Boston has made my family eager for a visit and for a taste of some New England seafood. Really, there is no better place for a nice big Lobster than Maine itself. In lieu of a visit to the Maine Lobster Festival (which we will miss by just a couple of weeks), we decided to bring the lobster fest to us.

The food came straight from Maine, still alive and pinching when it arrived at our door. Caught fresh Friday evening, packaged, and shipped straight to our bellies.  And the desert? Key Lime pie! Where else but straight from Florida itself!

This was a meal unlike any other. What a cool experience it was to get a taste of the New England coast with my family before experiencing it on our own in just over a month. If it’s meals like these we have to look forward to, this month can’t go by quick enough. Only kidding… well, kind of. 😉 We are so excited for great food and starting our life together in our new home. Which brings me to how excited I am about our upcoming DIY home improvement projects! But, I will save that for next time. For now, here is a peak at last night’s feast…

The uncles sneaking a taste.


  1. Nan Bowers

    Last Summer we went to Boothbay Harbor, ME and took a boat to Cabbage Island for a lobster bake. It was so wonderful. If you’re looking for an outing after the move, I highly recommend this.

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