The Honeymoon Is Over

It wouldn’t be an understatement to say we understand how Cory and Topanga  felt in that moment. Returning home from a luxurious honeymoon, and finding that their new home was a complete pit.  No, our apartment never  looked as bad as that, but it definitely was no Taj Majal upon our arrival.

I am not even sure where to begin about our journey in Boston thus far. I will try to make it through this post without complaining too much, because no matter how bad things get, I know there are always people who are much worse off than us. Although, these past 10 days have been no walk in the park. Some days just got so bad that all we could do is laugh. Laugh at the hysteria of the situation (which actually wasn’t funny at all), because it seemed as no other emotion could quite express our frustration, sadness, and disappointment in the situation.

After some changes in our plan getting here (thanks to Irene), and already experiencing extreme homesickness, I just could not wait to make it to our new home in Boston. Anticipation running high, we rolled in a day early anxious and excited to see the place. We showed up late in the afternoon as instructed by our landlord, only to find out that the previous tenants had yet to move out. Panic set in, but I tried (and failed) to remain calm and remind myself that it would be cleaned out before we moved in.  The next day rolled around and we were anxious and ready to settle in. We showed up the next day ready to move in, only to find that the place was still a disaster! The previous tenants darted on our arrival, leaving much of their belongings (and filth!) behind. So, after many panicked phone calls and a talk with our landlord, we were back to the hotel. By this point, I was crushed. Not only were we still unable to move into our apartment, but a number of other small things went completely wrong,  adding to our disappointment in the whole situation. Before I get off sounding like a negative Nancy, I will just say this… after a two day delay, the place was finally ready for us to move in. Shiny and squeaky clean. Just how I like it!

For those Boy Meets World fans out there, you might remember that this episode, so appropriately titled “The Honeymoon is Over,” actually doesn’t turn out so bad. They accept their circumstances, take responsibility, and turn their little dump into a sweet little home. Just as we intend to do. Our landlord has plans to do some much needed renovating, and a fresh coat of pain has already made a huge improvement.

Really, our  honeymoon has just begun.What a world of opportunity we have here in the Northeast to explore together as newlyweds.

Meanwhile, it’s back to painting, unpacking, decorating, and turning this apartment into our home…Until next time!

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