Are we there yet?

Google maps estimates that the drive from Fayetteville, AR to Boston, MA should take right around 28 hours. Instead of painfully sitting in the car for 28 hours straight, we decided to spice things up a bit  and to see some of our countries greatest landmarks along the way. During this time I had my first experience moving away from home, had my first visit to our nation’s capital, my first visit to Amish Dutch country, my first authentic Philly cheese steak sandwich, and my first experience dealing with a hurricane.  That’s a lot of firsts to happen in just eight days!

The wrath of Irene nearly destroyed our itinerary, but we made due and still got to see some amazing sights along our 1,700 mile journey. Our first stop occurred hundreds of miles away from her fury for one last good BBQ meal  until December rolls around. These Northerners just don’t know what good BBQ is!

Central BBQ, Memphis, TN. Sadly, this is the only picture I have to show from this amazing meal. I highly recommend a stop here if you are in the area.

Next up, a night in Nashville visiting with some of Jacob’s sweet family. Again, the only picture I have to share of our adventure here. Funny how it’s once again food related. What is the deal with American’s vacations being so focused around food! What can I say… I guess we like to eat! 🙂

And on to something a little more historical and non food-related, a visit to our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C.

I was so disappointed to find reflecting pool full of dirt! Also, the Washington monument was closed while we were there due to the earthquake that struck just days before.

Ole honest Abe.

Preparing to face Irene on our day of museum hopping. Good thing DC also has a lot to see indoors!

I even got to see the old house that Jacob lived in while he and his family lived in Virginia.

Mount Vernon

George and Martha Washington’s tomb.

Some damage done by Irene at Mount Vernon.

Onto Amish country in Lancaster County, PA. This was one of my favorite stops along the way! Such beautiful countrysides, delicious baked goods, and fascinating culture! Originally, we cut Lancaster our of our itinerary due to time’s sake. Because of the hurricane, we ended up switching our plan and made it here after all. We did have to cut NYC , but we are close enough now to visit there anytime.

The absolute best pretzel I have ever tasted! Both the pretzel and root beer were made from scratch by the Amish. Delicious!

Our beautiful B&B, Lovelace Manor. What a beautiful and historic house with the most pleasant owners! Oh, and the pina colada pancakes were to die for! Little did we know until we were checking out, the B&B was featured on HGTV’s “If These Walls Could Talk” TV show.

After our day in Amish country, we headed on over to the sweetest place on earth!

We were so excited to explore the factory and discover the magic that goes into making Hershey’s chocolate. Although, little did we know, it was just a 10 minute amusement park ride with a virtual reproduction. 😦 This is where the real magic happens…

I guess we should have known better. It’s not like Willy Wonka shared his factory with just anyone. What makes Hershey any different?

Now, back to something a little more historical…a trip to our nation’s first capital, Philadelphia, PA.

Old State House.

Room where the Declaration of Independence was signed.

Christ Church

Pat’s, home of the first Philly cheese steak.

We even saw Rachel Ray! Little did we know, she was filming a show right next to Pat’s, right about the time we finished up eating!

And last but not least, 8 days and 1,700 miles later…

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