Whale of a Time

In between unpacking, school, work, building furniture (I am beginning to have a love/hate relationship with IKEA), and trying to put our apartment in some livable order, there isn’t much time for exploring. If we were this busy in Fayetteville, I wouldn’t complain. Although, when you live in a city where you are surrounded by great things to see and do, it is an unfortunate fact.

Putting our obligations aside, we had to get out and do some exploring! One of the things I was most excited about doing before we moved here was whale watching. As a kid, I legitimately believed that Shampoo, better known as Shamu, was MY whale. I did. I thought I owned him. I am not sure how that mix up occurred, but something led me to believe that I owned that whale as a pet. Not only did I believe I had a pet whale named Shampoo (you’d think the pronunciation of Shamu would be easier for a kid–I guess not for me), but I was an avid lover of Free Willy. Who am I kidding? I still am! So, naturally, I could not wait to see some whales!

One of the many wonderful things about living in a big city is the availability of online coupons like Groupon, Living Social, and Buy With Me . Not to say Fayetteville isn’t improving in this area, but the options are endless here. Knowing how expensive whale watching tours were, I figured that excursion would be further down on our list of things to do. Although, thanks to Groupon, I got a steal of a deal on one of the best whale watching tours in the area! So, without further ado, meet our new oceanic friends…

Two humpback whales hanging out by our boat.

It is one thing to see a whale in a park, but it’s a whole other story to see one in the wild. There is nothing like it! We saw three breeds of whale that day; Minke, Humpback, and Fin, which is the second largest breed there is, next to the Blue whale.

After our whale tour in Gloucster, we headed over to the Halibut State park on Cape Ann in Rockport. It was such a beautiful and clear day that we could even see the coast of Maine and New Hampshire!

You can see New Hampshire  here in the horizon.

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