Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Baseball is no doubt America’s favorite pass time. It taps some sort of emotion for us all. Even those of us who don’t really care much for the sport. I mean, who doesn’t love The Sandlot?

No sport spells nostalgia like baseball, and no stadium is more nostalgic than Fenway Park. There’s just something about this century old stadium that makes watching a baseball game almost emotional. Really. I almost cried during the national anthem, and got chills during the first pitch. It’s not hard to see why Red Sox fans love the Red Sox. Even when they don’t seem all that lovable.

The Boston Red Sox once wrote, “One of the joys of New England life is returning to the Chapel that is the home of the Boston Red Sox: Fenway Park. Unlike other Shrines, though, this House of Worship generates electricity. It is a place where visitors can see the invisible murals that have been painted and left behind by the men who have played there in years gone by.”

One of the charming (and not so charming) things about the stadium: the original wooden seats.

We had great seats, minus this giant beam! One of the other not so charming features about the stadium.

BUT, then we moved to the other end of the aisle and had a perfect view!

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