Case of the Mondays

After a morning of staying in bed moping until 10:30 because 1.) weekends come to an end way too soon when you work full time Monday-Friday, and 2.) because it has only been one week since we left Arkansas, but it feels like ages since I last saw my family; I decided to drag myself out of bed, do some dishes, pick up our apartment, and stop whining over petty things. I wasn’t whining really, I was more so just bummed out by the week mark of leaving home. It’s September all over again. It took weeks for the nagging feeling of homesickness to subdue. Now it’s back. I must really sound like a child. I love Boston; I just have a lot to miss back home.  So, after my brief period of pining, I really got to thinking about how I am lucky to feel this way—it means I have something worth missing.

All this Monday morning ranting got me thinking about how much I should be thankful for. Actually, it all started on my way out of the grocery store this afternoon. You see, I have a special liking to my grocery store. There must be a thousand grocery stores in Boston. They all look so exciting and worthwhile, although, why date around when yours has all the goods. So, there I am, watching my cart on the cool cart escalator thinking to myself, wow, the people here are all so friendly. That immediately brightened my day a little. It’s a rarity to find so many friendly people in one place around here. So then I started thinking about how much I really do like my grocery store. I’ve found lately that grocery shopping is actually kind of therapeutic for me. I know some people hate it, but it’s soothing to me. Unless Jacob is with me… fights happen when Jacob comes to the store with me. Sorry, babe. I know you are just trying to help. But, grocery shopping has just become my thing.

So, getting off the note of the grocery store, because you are probably finding it odd by now that I have so much to say about a grocery store…

From that point on for the remainder of the day, I just started thinking to myself things that I am grateful for today. So, here it is…

1.)  That I don’t have to do this alone. Yes, I have my family and friends for support. Yes, I have God’s guidance and comfort. But, what I mean here is that I have Jacob to go through all this with. At least I am not totally alone. People move across country, or even across the globe alone. Every. Single. Day. Go them! I am grateful to have my best friend there by my side every step of this journey.

2.)  On a much less serious note… my crockpot. All day I couldn’t help but be happy by the fact that when I got home from work, dinner would there waiting. Doesn’t take much to make this girl smile when food is involved. 😉

3.) The fact that my mom and sister have become my best friends. I was always told growing up that this would happen. Now it has. I love the fact that when the going gets tough, they are the first people I text or call.

4.)  Our grey bedroom. Yes, our bedroom is grey, and I LOVE it. I never would have thought it. Never having a place of my own before marriage, I never got to decorate my space truly how I wanted it. Then I go off and get married and have to take a boy into account. Boys don’t like flowers. It’s been a battle learning to express myself through decorating while still adhering to Jacob’s taste. So, I decided to take a risk and go with grey. Boys like grey right? Well, not only do boys like grey, but this girl loves it! We have amazing 1930s woodwork in our apartment around the windows and doors. All in a lovely shade of white. Well, just three days ago, our bedroom was cream, with white window and door frames, a white comforter, and white furniture. Yuck! Now, finally after months of living here, we finally painted our bedroom and it was one of our best decisions yet! Now all of those great white features really stand out. But, don’t worry… I haven’t switched over to the masculine side. Soon enough this grey room will be rocking some great mustard yellow accents!

5.)  My list goes on and on, but one last little thing I am thankful for today…

…this pillow! This is one of my favorite Christmas presents by far. When I first opened it, the only reaction I knew to do was laugh. A pillow… with my dog’s face on it. Um, weird? I thought so for about 30 seconds too, then my skepticism immediately turned to thanks! Now I can hug my little head any time I want! Thanks, mom!

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