And so it Continues

Going on week three, and our apartment is still crawling with contractors. You’d think by this point we’d at least have one room done, but I guess my hopes were set too high. In my last post I mentioned that the living room construction was still to be discussed. Well, that discussion was never had. Instead, little did we expect, we gained a new wall, door, and new paint. Bye bye character and pretty blue walls. Prior to the renovations, we had the original 1930’s ornate door and window frames. They were beautiful and by far my favorite part about the apartment, next to the old doorknobs, but I am sure those are to go soon as well. Originally, we weren’t too disappointed about the walls as they were awful to hang stuff on, although, we were also told the walls would be painted back to the color which we had painted them. Instead, we got a voicemail from our landlord the night before they were supposed to paint, letting us know that he decided to pick the color. Lame. So, our walls went from ugly cake batter yellow, to soothing blue, to a very bland shade of cream. I’m not opposed to cream, but given the fact that I had already decorated the apartment with blue as our backdrop, everything now blends with our walls. Again, lame.

So, our living room went from this…

…To this…

… To this…

…a mess…pretty…a mess.

Having been told that renovations would start in the kitchen, two weeks ago today we moved everything out. That means I’ve been without a kitchen for two weeks now! Seeing as how cooking is one of my biggest stress relievers, this process has not been a pleasant one. My first grey hair has been found…

Although, thank you Jesus, work has begun in the kitchen. Praise Him, Hallelujah, Amen! I want my kitchen back! If we had been given proper notice, I would have prepared myself for this. Preparing food ahead of time, freezing it, etc. Instead, we’ve lived off of soup, sandwiches, and take out for the past two weeks.

Time and time again during this process, we’ve been told one thing by our landlord, only to have the exact opposite of what he told us happen. Until just a few hours ago, he was planning to get into the bedroom next. As of now, at our request, he told us he would hold off on that renovation until a later date. At this rate, I’ll believe it when I see it…

On another note, and how could I forget this, Jacob had permission from our landlord to kick down the front door of our apartment! Long story short…

Although the age of apartment gives (or I guess I should say gave) our apartment such great character, problems sometimes come from old age. We arrived home around 10:15 Wednesday night to find that we were locked out of  our apartment. Tired and not in the mood to deal with it, we called a locksmith. After some tinkering around, the locksmith determined that the mechanism was broken, and he would have to damage the door to open it. Not only would he have to damage it, but this damage would cost $250, and the door would likely need replacing. Well, our landlord decided that the door needed replacing anyway, so we might as well save some money, kick it open, and have the contractors replace the door in the morning. Wait, what?! We get to kick down a locked door? Sweet! Well, the locksmith declined, thinking our landlord was nuts. He then proceeded to explain to Jacob that if he tried to kick down the door, we’d likely not have much of a door left to close, yet alone lock. Well, obviously we didn’t want to be stuck in that situation. Thanks to our sweet, sweet friend Kimberly, we were able to have a place to crash for the night, and deal with the door in the morning. I was actually looking forward to watching someone (whether is was Jacob or not) kick the door down, but was let down by the contractor and the use of his crow bar. One little yank with the crow bar was all it took. Not nearly as exciting.

Maybe next time I post it will be with an update of a completed room! Fingers crossed.

Until next time.

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