Kony 2012

For those of you who are unfamiliar with The Invisible Children and Joseph Kony, these two links are a great place to start. Want more? Google currently brings up 555,000,000 results to the search “Kony 2012”. No matter how you feel about this organization or this video, we’ve all contributed to their goal just by opening our mouths…

This isn’t a post to tell you my opinions on this viral video. Instead, this is me doing my part to get the word out there. Although, i’d say words out. I am impressed by the explosion of response. Some bad, some great. Either way, publicity is publicity.

Let us remember that getting Kony is only the beginning. Our awareness is the first step, our passion will contribute, but we have to educate ourselves on the whole picture. Kony’s justice won’t resolve the issue, but hopefully it’ll help.

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