A Kiss, a Hug, a Moment of Love

One year ago a boy and a girl met at an alter on top of a hill. The boy in grey, the girl in white. The boy cried tears of joy, as the girl was all smiles, nothing but grins ear to ear. They came together before God, two became one. They worshiped, they laughed, they cried. They promised to serve and love one another till death do them part. They kissed and said I do, I do! And he was husband and she was wife. And God was glorified!

One year has passed since this blessed day. The moments since have been some of the most vulnerable, painful, beautiful days of my life. Each tear that we have cried, each laugh that we’ve laughed, they’ve all been precious to me.

It has been one year now that I’ve been a Mrs. One year that I’ve been a wife. That I’ve been a homemaker, a helper, a lover, a partner. We’ve had many firsts this year. We moved away from home, Jacob started graduate school, and I started working full time, just to name a few. Each has brought new challenges to our marriage. Even though these factors haven’t always made things easy, I am thankful for them all. What a blessed life we live. They say, whoever they are, that the first year of marriage is the hardest. Well, if that is true, I think we did okay. Better than okay actually. Great!

So, here’s to a lifetime full of many firsts. I know that they won’t all be easy, but as long as I get to do life with my best friend, do ministry with him, learn with him, grow with him, what more could I ask for?

“If one loves with ones whole heart nothing is lacking, for one has given all. Such love, as I have said, is marriage, for a soul cannot love like this and not be beloved; complete and perfect marriage consists in the exchange of love. No one can doubt that the soul is first loved, and loved more intensely, by the Word; for it is anticipated and surpassed in its love. Happy the soul who is permitted to be anticipated in blessedness so sweet! Happy the soul who has been allowed to experience the embrace of such bliss! For it is nothing other than love, holy and chaste, full of sweetness and delight, love utterly serene and true, mutual and deep, which joins two beings, not in one flesh, but in one spirit, making them no longer two but one.” -Saint Bernard of Clairvaux


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