A Trip to the Windy City

It’s been 10 months now that we’ve left Fayetteville. Even though my homesickness subdues a little each day, it goes without saying that I still miss my family. With the high costs of plane tickets, and with little time off from work, trips home don’t come easy. With it being months since my last trip home, I’ve been itching for some family time. Thanks to my wonderful mother, I got a dose of just what I needed. Some much needed mother-daughter time and a trip to the windy city!








The last trip I took with my mother was a trip to Vegas when I was just 15 years old. Of course I wasn’t old enough to truly appreciate all that Vegas has to offer, but it was a trip I will never forget. I am still fascinated by the architecture that I saw there. Even at 15 I was able to appreciate that much.

Having such good memories of that trip made me very anxious for this one. A whole weekend with my mom! I’d get her all to myself! The only thing that would have put this mother-daughter trip over the top would have been if my sister could have joined us, of course. Although, she will be in Chicago shortly, then with me in Boston in just two short weeks! So exciting!

Having now visited many of the countries largest cities, I am happy to say that Boston may be my favorite. Although, I didn’t see much of more than Michigan Avenue in Chicago, so after some real exploring, I may grow to love it as I have Boston.  Catching a connecting flight in Chicago in Feburary, I had an overwhelming feeling that one day I would live there. Even though I had never seen more than the airport, I just knew one day I would live there. That fantasy didn’t last long. As soon as I realized how little surrounds Chicago (no mountains!) I quickly started thinking twice. Although, it is actually a real possibility as the area contains several schools that Jacob is considering for his PhD. I guess we will see.

This trip kicked off the craziness which we call summer. One week from today, our dear friends Ty and Rose Weston will grace us with their presence. From there, July will consist of a constant flow of visitors. Our tiny one bedroom apartment will soon be filled with precious friends and family for an entire month, and I can’t wait! Bring it on, summer. Bring it on!

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