Love begins at home, and it is not about how much we do, but by how much love we put into the action.” – Mother Teresa

There has been such a whirlwind of activity around here this summer that I hardly ever know what day it is. My dates are no longer marked by numbers on a calendar, but instead, by keeping track of who is coming to town on that particular day. When one person leaves, the whole process starts all over again. Clean the apartment, go to the store, pick up some fresh flowers, fill the air with heavenly smells of baked goods, and head to the airport!  I think I’ve got the routine down. I’ve had plenty of practice after all.

I learned a lot from my mother about running a home. She not only taught me how to clean, or how to cook, or how to pick fresh flowers from her garden and arrange the most perfect bouquet, but she showed me what it meant to serve those who enter your home. She taught me that a home isn’t just a residence for those living within its walls, but that a home is a place that is warm, comfortable, and inviting to all.

Whether it be my brother’s friends raiding the fridge, a pool full of cousins, or a backyard full of family barbequing on a hot summer day, there were always people around.

I’d say growing up in this environment has definitely rubbed off on me a bit. Few things please me more than being able to host people in my home. Even though we don’t have much to share, or much room to share it in, it’s one of our favorite things to do! A full home is a happy home!

With that said, this summer has been a very pleasing one as we’ve been able to share it with many visiting family members and friends. There’s been a constant string of visitors here since the day I got off of work. It has been exhausting at times, but we have loved it! We’ve felt overwhelmed with love over the past month. I am not quite sure what I will do with myself come September when all of the visitors are gone, I am back to work, and Jacob is back to school. Who will eat all of my baked goods? I guess that’s what neighbors are for.

And it’s not over yet! Come 6:45 today, we are off to the airport for one last visitor! We are thankful to spend a couple of days with our brother BK as he stays with us for the weekend. Then, it’s off to Arkansas we go for two weeks of sweet, sweet time with family and friends who we miss so much!

Here’s a peak at what’s been going on lately:


We started things off with a quick visit from Billiam, who was passing through on his way home from YWAM.

Next came Ty and Rose! What perfect guests they were. We just love them!



The day that they left, my sister came to town!


A little Yankee, Sox action.

After Jamie left, having a few days to ourselves, we headed down to Long Island to visit my grandma and for a wedding.


Our break didn’t last long. Next came Jacob’s sisters, mom, and grandparents.




Once they left, we took off for a few days of relaxation in Acadia National Park.




Now, just four more hours until we are hanging out with this guy, and 5 more days until we are home sweet home.


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