As I sit here in my favorite teal chair perched just by our living room window, sipping my banana/blueberry smoothie, feeling the cool September breeze blowing through the open windows, anxiously awaiting for the arrival of the UPS man and my Kitchenaid Mixer, and  listening to the frustrated groans and a bit of gleeful chatter of participants of the infamous Boston “move in day,” I can’t help but reminisce on our experiences that took place one year ago today. I won’t get into that rant again, I’ll just say that I am very happy to be sitting here in this comfy chair, instead of outside on the curb. I am very thankful indeed to be where I am today, instead of where I was one year ago.

It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since we made Boston our home. One year of grad school is behind us. One year of work. And even crazier, over a year of marriage. It’s amazing how time passes by. There’s so much to reflect on. Something that would probably be more appropriate for the pages of my journal.

As for now, I have no boxes to unload. No walls to cover. No spaces to fill. So for today, it’s in my chair I sit. Sipping my smoothie, and enjoying the breeze.


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