Vermont Getaway

Well friends, I hate to say it, but nature wasn’t so kind to us this weekend. Our much anticipated leaf peeping getaway turned into something more closely related to one of those “what else could possibly go wrong” episodes from your favorite sitcom, than it did a relaxing, peaceful weekend away.

We started our trip in Waterbury, up in Northern Vermont. Well, we knew that the leaves might have already had their show, seeing as leaves peak pretty early in the Northern parts. Sure enough, show over. We were greeted by some pretty sullen leaves. So, we decided to head south. Only after a visit to Cold Hollow Cider Mill of course…

My spirits were still pretty high at this point as the Vermont tourism website was promising peak conditions just about an hour south. Plus, it probably didn’t hurt that I was full of hot apple cider and cider donuts—Yum! So, we drove. We drove north, almost to Canada, which put me in even higher spirits as it encouraged me to break out into song singing “Oh Canada,” which was actually an awful combination of “Oh Canada” plus “God Save the Queen,” (how was I supposed to know?), and we moved on. Well, it wasn’t long until my flame died. Campsite after campsite kept telling us the same thing “The leaves have died. Head further south.” So we did. After another three hours of driving, we gave up. We ate up our whole day driving. Not what I had in mind. So, about the time that we found a place to settle in, in rolled the clouds, down dropped the temperature, and gone was our day.

We ended up settling in for the night at a campsite right on the Battenkill River. Not a bad place to end up. The Battenkill, famous for its fly fishing, is somewhere Jacob has been anxious to visit. So, not all was lost. At least we would be able to spend Sunday doing some fishing. Well, thanks to a big rainstorm that hit that night, the fish stayed away and we were left with only one fish to show for it.


Oh, and that’s my fish, by the way! I caught it while Jacob was gone getting firewood. I managed to quickly get a picture before getting it back in the water. Jacob might not have believed me otherwise!

Even though the weekend didn’t turn out how I would have liked, we still walked away with some pretty great memories. We got to see some beautiful scenery along the way, enjoyed a few spontaneous stops, and most importantly, just enjoyed each other’s company. That’s what road trips are all about, right?



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