Apple Picking and a Hurricane

A hurricane is rolling in and what do we do?Head apple picking of course. Apple picking is top notch in New England and Boston is surrounded by beautiful orchards. All it takes is a 45 minute drive to get out of the city and into an unexpectedly beautiful setting. Really, who knew Massachusetts was so beautiful? I’m a mountain girl myself, but there was something awfully serene about the rather flat, but woodsy drive we took to get to the orchards yesterday. Even though the leaves were past peak and the weather was rather grey, it was a particularly beautiful day.

The orchard, which I hear gets uncomfortably crowded on weekends, was all ours. There were only a handful of others braving the weather and enjoying the orchards yesterday afternoon. There was only a slight drizzle really, and as this was the last weekend to enjoy apple picking for the season, we figured a little rain wouldn’t hurt us. Our determination paid off. We picked up a cup of hot apple cider and a bag of cider donuts from the farm store, scored a free spot on the hayride,  and  spent a peaceful afternoon strolling through acres of picturesque trees. We returned home a little wet, but with a 10lb bag of Cortland, Empire, and McIntosh apples as our reward. Pie and applesauce to come!

As much as I would like to be whipping up something tasty with those apples, I instead sit, watching from my couch, Hurricane Sandy rolling in. This is our first experience with a hurricane really, with the exception of a night with Irene last summer. Our Nalgenes are full, our cabinets are stocked, and our candles are in their place. So for now, we wait. Work has been canceled, schools are out, and the T has stopped running. The city is shutting down, anticipating the perfect storm. The winds are heavy and the rain is starting to fall, but the worst is yet to come. I’ve got a stack of magazines and travel books waiting to be explored, as I anticipate that we will lose power at any time.

And on that note… our lights are starting to flicker. Time to publish!

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