On The Menu

I seem to be one of  few who actually likes grocery shopping. I enjoy browsing the aisles, reading labels, and checking out the  goodies that each new season brings.

I don’t however, enjoy grocery shopping on a Sunday evening, which has painfully happened for too many weeks in a row. I’ve gotten in a bad habit of running out of food by Sunday, and have been forced to make  rushed and stressful trips to the store; along with everyone else in the city.

Before I got into this rut, I had a pretty good routine. A trip to the store on Monday or Tuesday, with maybe a random trip once or twice during the week. This week, I made my trip today. We’ll see how that change works out for us!

Here’s what’s on the menu this week:

Maple chicken with brown rice and homemade sage, butter biscuits

Apple, shallot pork chops, parmesan, garlic spinach, and a crusty baguette with fresh roasted garlic

Loaded couscous with Greek salad and Tadoori Naan

Lentil soup served up with a crisp,  lemon-parmesan salad

Pie–Not sure which one yet, but it’s time to get to work on pie #2

What’s on your menu?

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