Longing For Gloucester

As I sit here with my teacup in hand and a box of tissues in reach, I can’t help but long for the rocky beaches of  Cape Ann. Gloucester, a rugged old fishing town (America’s oldest in fact), filled with burly old men just in from sea, some of the best fish stew that New England has to offer, and lobster for sale right on the docks, has become one of my favorite destinations outside of Boston. The hubs and I discovered Gloucester just a few days after we rolled into town. We had scored a Groupon for a whale watching tour that departed from Gloucester, and have been in love with the area ever since.


Though there are a few sandy beaches in the area, we prefer the rugged, rocky beaches of Halibut State Park. The giant rock slabs offer the perfect spot to spread out a blanket and listen to the waves roar. Only an hour away, there were many days this winter that I was tempted to bundle up and head North. Although, with an average daily temperature of about 30 degrees, I decided against it. North Atlantic winds can be brutal in the winter time.


But now- now that winter is FINALLY ending- now that the snow is FINALLY gone- it’s ALMOST time to head to one of my favorite spots on the East Coast. But for now, I can only long for Gloucester. For now, it’s off to bed I go. This girl has a cold to overcome…


What are you longing for today?

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