Zhto H Ellada (Long Live Greece)

After a long week of being sick last week, I simply couldn’t stand to stay indoors any longer come Sunday. All I had done for  a week straight was come home from work and crawl right into bed. The extra rest was beautiful for the first few days, but come Saturday, my body was bored. The idea of spending another day in bed on Sunday made my skin crawl.


The hubs had told me on Friday (last Friday that is- I am several days late finishing this post) about a Greek festival that was to take place on Sunday afternoon. This news was both exciting and frustrating for me. I wanted to attend, but wasn’t sure if I’d be well enough on Sunday to do so. Using it as motivation, I spent Saturday resting, hoping I’d be up for an adventure on Sunday.


If you haven’t guessed by now, Sunday came, and it was to the parade I went. I wasn’t totally better, but I packed my box of tissues and went out anyway. I think that the fresh air did me some good, and it was a wonderful experience getting to celebrate 100 years of independence with the Greeks in our community.


If Greek people are one thing, it’s passionate. Their enthusiasm was contagious. “Zhto H Ellada” they’d yell. “Zhto H Ellada they’d yell back.  “Long live Greece!” This  year marks their 100th year of liberation from the Ottoman Empire. People waved their flags proudly. Truly having something to celebrate.

IMG_6660IMG_6702We ended our day with a stroll down one of my favorite streets, a couple of Swiss truffles (more on this soon), and of course, a Greek meal to commemorate the day. I spent the rest of the evening in bed,  still sick, but  feeling liberated by the enthusiasm from the day.

stevesphoto 3

What did you do last weekend?

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