Boston Marathon Bombing

I don’t write about sad things here often, but every now and then, I will. Not because I enjoy it, but because that’s how the world works sometimes. Most days go by fine. We might have a frustrating day at work, or maybe get stuck in traffic on our way home. Maybe we are sick one day, or have a fight with a loved one. But our day was fine. Then there are days like yesterday.

Yesterday started great, celebrating with friends. It ended hugging those friends just a little bit tighter.


Just so you know, I am fine. Jacob is fine. Our friends are fine. But we are not fine, really. Events like this, the Boston bombing, or more extreme events, like 9/11, never really leave us fine. An event like this stirs something inside of us. It infuriates us. It sickens us. It leaves us longing for peace. But on the other side of things, it unites us. It draws out the good in us. It leaves us a little more loving than before. Events like this never leave us fine. They always affect us in one way or another.


I am happy to report that we were miles away from the bombing sight. Jacob and I were enjoying the race with friends about 5 miles from where the bombings took place. One minute we were cheering on the swarm of racers, the next we were crowded around a bar TV hungry for news. The streets, just minutes before crowded with runners and spectators, were replaced by police cars and ambulances. The euphoria from the race quickly wore off. Suddenly, our phones were exploding with calls and texts.  We searched our phones, brainstorming of anyone we knew who might have been at the finish line. Relieved, we thought of none. One or two of our friends were nearby, but thankfully, not close enough to have been hurt.


I went to bed feeling a little more thankful than I did when I woke up. I snuggled with Jacob just a bit closer, thanking God for my blessings as I fell asleep. I drove to work this morning feeling somber, thinking of those who were hurt by yesterday’s events. People are mourning over loved ones today, while others are still fighting for their lives. For most of us, life will go on as normal. Today is just like any other day. But is it really?


The barriers still left on the street feel a bit eerie. The empty Gatorade cups scattered about serve as a reminder of how chaotic things can suddenly become. Yesterday served as a not-so-gentle reminder of how precious life can be. So today, on this beautiful spring day, I’ll probably smile at a few more people. I’ll likely get less frustrated as I deal with traffic,  and I’ll probably hug Jacob just a little bit longer. I’ll put my to do list aside for a while, or at least not stress over it so much. Today, I’ll count my blessings, acknowledging that all good things come from above.


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