Longing For Maine

It’s hard to believe that May is already here. It feels just like last week that Jacob and I were up in Maine celebrating our first wedding anniversary. Better yet, it feels just like last month that we were celebrating our wedding day.


Despite a really long and bitterly cold winter, this year has been one of the quickest ever. It has been a big year for us. As Jacob pointed out last night, this year alone we experienced a hurricane, a blizzard, and a terrorist attack. That’s a lot of excitement for one year. To add to this list, Jacob graduates in two weeks and we will be off to Europe in two months. Was it really already a year ago that we were in Maine?


It was indeed, and today, I am longing to return. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I am very much longing for the rocky shores of the East Coast. Now that the weather is finally nice enough, I can’t wait to get outside. We have a camping trip planned for the Cape next weekend, and I am hoping to spend most of my time outdoors this Saturday and Sunday. It’s not quite warm enough for beach weather just yet, but I am okay bundling up and just soaking up the sun. Seriously, what’s better than the sound of roaring waves and a good book?


Two of my favorite New England trips thus far have both been to Maine. Our first, taken last May, was to one of the quaintest little towns you ever did see. To celebrate our first wedding anniversary, the hubs and I headed north for a weekend in Kennebunkport, ME. Even the name of the town was cute!


We saved our pennies and spent our anniversary night at the sweetest little bed and breakfast, The Waldo Emerson Inn. Apparently the hubs and I have turned into B&B’ers since we got married, and we are totally okay with that. B&B’s offer so much more character and we always meet some of the greatest people. Plus, the food is always to die for. I mean, who doesn’t love a four-course breakfast?


As the oldest house in the Kennebunks, the inn has had many famous owners, including Waldo Emerson, great-uncle of famous poet Ralph Waldo Emerson. Built in 1753, the inn still includes many of its original features. The hand-hewn oak timbers still hang in the keeping room, and signatures scratched by diamond rings still show on the windowpanes.


We spent our day wandering around town and walking barefoot along the beach. We enjoyed a sunset dinner overlooking the ocean (and George W. H. Bush’s house!), and ended our night with a bottle of champagne and the top layer of our wedding cake. And the cake was delicious, by the way! We were a little skeptical at first, but had no trouble eating half of it on our own. Even after a year in the freezer (and a night in the mail) it still tasted great.


For the second day of our little getaway, we hit the road and drove up the coast. We saw a handful of lighthouses and sweet little towns. We enjoyed a seaside lunch at a tasty lobster shack, and did a bit of exploring in Portland, ME. We settled down for the night at nearby campground where we fell asleep listening to the waves. Our trip ended exploring a few more towns and enjoying each other’s company along the way. It was the perfect little trip, it was. I bet you can see why I’m longing for more.


We have no special plans for this year’s anniversary. We will be celebrating with loved ones during a visit home. Though Maine sounds a little ore appealing for a romantic getaway, I’m excited for time spent with family and friends. Plus, it’ll be fun to celebrate where our story began!


What are you longing for?

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