Escape to the Cape

IMG_0566As a child, I never had any trouble locating Massachusetts on a map. Just like I could always identify Italy as the country shaped like a boot, I always knew Massachusetts as the state with the flexing arm.


Ever since we moved to Boston, I’ve wanted to visit the tip of the cape, or as I would have said as a child, the fist of Massachusetts. We’ve been to the Cape three times now. Our first visit was during the fall, right after we moved to Boston. My parents came to visit and we headed to Chatham, where we had the chilly beach all to ourselves. It was very serene; like a scene straight from a painting.


Our second trip, taken last summer, came with lots of crowds and traffic. The beach was rocky and we paid a fortune to park. It wasn’t my favorite day by the ocean, but we still had a nice time.


Our third trip, taken over the weekend, was by far my favorite. We had planned to take this trip weeks ago, but thanks to mother nature, it was rained out. Rain threatened to ruin our fun once again, but we went anyway, deciding to make the best of it, rain or shine. We left on a rainy Saturday morning, and two hours later, we were greeted by glorious sunshine. One minute it was cloudy, and the next, the sun was shining brightly.


We set up camp and headed to town, exploring the streets of Provincetown. We enjoyed a lobster roll on the harbor, scoped out the tip of the cape, and saw the sight where the pilgrims first landed. I found Provincetown to be a cute and quirky little place. The people were friendly, the food was great, and the views were breathtaking. It’s no wonder why it’s a world-renowned destination.


Our time in town was grand, but it was on the beach where I found myself the happiest. Our campsite was just half a mile away from one of the best stretches of the Cape Cod National Seashore. As no fires were allowed on the campgrounds, we spent our evening on the beach and cooked our dinner next to the waves. I’ve always wanted to have a fire on the beach. Now I can say that I have. The hubs sat where he is happiest, next to a campfire, while I gallivanted about the beach, entertained by the surfers and seals.

IMG_0532That’s right. I said seals… 🙂

sealsWe ended the night with a glorious sunset, a crackling fire, and good conversation. We munched on homemade chocolate bark and sipped on a summer brew. Before we knew it, the stars were twinkling and it was time for bed. We still had a full day of exploring ahead of us.

IMG_0691IMG_0732We woke early on Sunday morning and headed straight back to the beach. We enjoyed our breakfast barefoot on the sand, dipping our toes in the chilly Atlantic.

IMG_0896We spent the rest of our afternoon biking through miles of rolling dunes and luscious forests, all while taking in sweeping ocean views. After 10 strenuous miles we rewarded ourselves with a local brew before returning our bikes and heading back home. We ended the day with a stop at a seaside shack where we enjoyed fresh scallops and round number two.

-2We watched the waves roll and listened to the birds sing as we savored the last moments of our mini getaway. We sipped our beer slowly, reflecting on the beauty in front of us. Sad to leave, we hit the road. Back to reality, away from Cape Cod.

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