So Long, Farewell

As much as I’ve avoided admitting it, this is sadly our last week living in Boston. We’ve finished what we moved here for, and now it is time for us to move on. We don’t know exactly what is next for us, but we are excited to find out. For now, we have one last week left in this beloved city, and then it’s off to Europe for a month. I can’t complain about the Europe part, but I am feeling awfully sad about our upcoming goodbyes. I’ve fallen in love with this city, and am pretty fond of the people we have met here.


Having been reminded last week of the importance of the Sabbath, I made my best effort this weekend to take a break and enjoy  our last days here.  On Thursday,  I had the privilege of introducing my Northern and Midwestern friends to true southern cooking. For many, this was their first time to try homemade fried chicken. Most knew no better than KFC. We enjoyed collard greens, fried okra, fried potatoes, pasta salad, cornbread,  sweet tea, and fried chicken of course.  I was sweating chicken grease by the end of the night, but my heart was glad. There was no place that I would have rather been than right there in our tiny kitchen, serving up a southern feast to our friends.


On Saturday, the hubs and I wandered around one of our favorite Boston neighborhoods, the South End. We enjoyed brunch at the tastiest little restaurant, explored a Gothic cathedral, and browsed through tiny paper shops.


We rested in the park, nibbled on homemade Oreos, and lounged on a  bench nestled by the Charles. We discussed at length our hopes and desires, and dreamed together about what our future might look like. There’s just something about waterscapes that make me feel a bit sentimental.


On Sunday, we continued our weekend of rest out on the Cape. We found the prettiest little beach settled under an enormous dune. We spent our day resting in the sun, listening to the sounds of the waves, munching on a picnic lunch, and reading the afternoon away. We ended the day rested, and a bit burnt, with a pint and a seat at the raw bar. We enjoyed some Wellfleet Oysters, as no trip to Wellfleet is complete without oysters, of course, and mentally prepared ourselves for the week ahead.


Our apartment is now in shambles as we begin to sell off our furniture and pack away our belongings. The movers come on Sunday, and then it’s goodbye to our little home. I’m not quite ready for goodbyes just yet, so I will save that for another day. For now, I will savor our last moments here in #20. I’ll appreciate one last week of good sleep in our comfy bed, as next week, it’s hostels all the way. I’ll enjoy our last few days in Boston, appreciating the time we’ve spent here and enjoying our last days with friends.


Until next time!

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