I apologize for my absence lately. Between starting a new job, finding a place to live, and adjusting to life back in Fayetteville, I’ve not had much time to spend in front of my computer.


The hubs is back at his old job working as a legal assistant, while I’ve taken a job in Public Relations at a local clothing boutique. I’m working on managing my new schedule, learning to allow enough time for unpacking, as well as a bit of time for blogging and freelance work.

IMG_7420We moved out of my parent’s pool house last week, finally moving into a little place of our own. It’s a small townhouse just a few short blocks away from work. We like to pretend as we are back in Boston as we walk to where it is that we need to go. We live just across the street from a grocery store, and only a few blocks from our favorite park. We are just blocks away from the local farmer’s market, and walking distance to some of the city’s best restaurants. There’s a small elementary school across the road, and two beautiful churches right at the end of the street.

IMG_7407 IMG_7411IMG_7437I’m learning to deal with the quirks of this apartment, just the same as I did in Boston. It surprisingly has less kitchen space and storage than our apartment there, but the amount of closest space elsewhere helps to make up for that. I don’t love the carpet, as I am accustomed to hardwood floors, but beggars can’t be choosers, as they say.

IMG_7432It offers plenty of sunlight, and has a ton of space. Having sold the majority of our furniture before our move, we’re having to get creative with where we put our stuff. As we’ll relocate again in under a year, we’re not interested in spending much time or money on fixing this place up. IKEA is all to tempting to me right now, and Pinterest is equally as dangerous. I think that this season will deal a lot with simplicity, something that I could probably use a bit more of in my life.

We’ve been living out of boxes for far too long and I am anxious for more organization and structure in my life. Fayetteville is starting to feel a bit more like home again as we fall into our new routine. I’m rediscovering this city, and am constantly finding new things to love. I’m learning to appreciate each day that we have here, as moving again will likely come much too soon. For now, it’s back to unpacking boxes… cleaning up this maze that we stumble our way through each day.

Until next time!

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