Quintessential Fall

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No, this is not fall in Arkansas. I wish that I could say that it was, but in fact, it is still very green in these parts. This is quintessential New England, a perfect fall day in central Massachusetts.  While the trees here are taking their time to change, today I reminiscence on fall in New England.

Our first New England fall was an unrivaled experience. We traveled to New Hampshire where we  hiked the beautiful White Mountains, ate pancakes at sunrise, and drove the scenic Kancamagus highway. We took early morning walks along the Charles River, we picked apples in the Berkshires, and we ate an unhealthy amount of cider donuts. We enjoyed warm and sunny afternoons in the Boston Commons, and sipped mulled wine with friends on brisk and chilly evenings.

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Our second fall was nearly just as perfect. Though our Vermont getaway didn’t turn out quite as perfect as our trip to New Hampshire, we still left with some wonderful memories. Though the leaves were passed their peak on our visit to Vermont,  we still found a lot of color around Boston. The leaves were fiery red for weeks, and I was giddy as could be each time I took a ride around town.

One weekend, about this time last year, we traveled back in time and spent our day in a rural 19th-century village. Old Sturbridge Village in the fall is a classic New England experience. We explored antique buildings, saw water-powered mills, pressed a bushel of apples, and watched a blacksmith at work. The trees were brilliant and the weather was just as perfect.



While I miss perfect fall days like the ones described above, I feel a bit of warmth and happiness as I look out my window and see the first colors of fall. Though there’s still lots of green around, I see a bit of yellow and orange peaking through the trees. Fall is finally making its way to Northwest Arkansas, and I couldn’t be happier.

What are some of your favorite fall memories?

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