(Snowy) Snapshots From Paris

I had plans today to finally post about my trip to Nice, taken when my mom was here in December, however, the weather in Paris had other ideas. As I sat next to the radiator, watching snow fall out the window, I couldn’t quite get in the mood to talk about somewhere warm. Instead, as giddy about the snow as a small child, I sat there wrapped in a blanket, sipping hot chocolate, and scrolling through the pictures I took in Paris this week.

They say even a dusting of snow in Paris uncommon, and that a few inches, like we received this week, is very rare. I would have been happy with a dusting, but I am certainly not complaining about the few inches we did receive. Each morning I would wake with eager anticipation, peaking out the window to see if, as forecasted, the sky actually dumped a blanket of thick snow. While this was never the case, snow did indeed come during the day, leaving me distracted and excited, putting off other obligations, and running around town taking it all in.

My favorite views were of the backside of Notre-Dame, as I would wander down the Île Saint-Louis, and see that majestic cathedral jump out around a corner. I could see that  every day, and it would never get old. This week, I found my already favorite view to be even more beautiful, covered in fresh, white snow.

Photos of Nice will come soon, but for now, enjoy with me this month’s round of snowy snapshots from Paris.

Snowy Paris - 32

Snowy Paris - 14Snowy Paris - 16Snowy Paris - 23

Snowy Paris - 8Snowy Paris - 31Snowy Paris - 22Snowy Paris - 34Snowy Paris - 20Snowy Paris - 10Snowy Paris - 21Snowy Paris - 12Snowy Paris - 38Snowy Paris - 42Snowy Paris - 30Snowy Paris - 27Snowy Paris - 28

Snowy Paris - 13Snowy Paris - 11Snowy Paris - 33Snowy Paris - 36Snowy Paris - 37Snowy Paris - 40Snowy Paris - 43Snowy Paris - 41Snowy Paris - 9Snowy Paris - 2Snowy Paris - 1Snowy Paris - 8

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