Snapshots from Italy

It wasn’t until arriving in Italy that I remembered just how much I love that country. Or maybe I remembered it after waiting two hours to pick up our rental car, driving an hour on terrifying, narrow, winding roads through the mountains (which Jacob handled like a champ), and was relaxing in the town center of Ravello with an aperol spritz in hand, but you get the point…

During our first visit to Europe where we spent one month traveling from London to Rome, we were lucky enough to get to spend two full weeks in Italy. From Venice, to the Cinque Terre, to Tuscany, Umbria, and many fun stops in between, we had the time of our lives seeing the land of my ancestors. With that said, naturally, we were thrilled when we received a save the date in the mail for Jacob’s cousin’s wedding, highlighting that it would be a destination wedding in the Amalfi Coast, a region of Italy we had yet to explore.

We were very excited to see family, and of course, to celebrate his cousin’s marriage, but also, we couldn’t wait to get back to the country we fell so hard for, four years ago.

Since the purpose of the trip was to attend the wedding, we spent most of our time hanging out in Ravello, the beautiful town where the wedding and its many festivities were held.  

Perched on a mountainside, Ravello offers some of the best views the Amalfi Coast has to offer, and since there’s no direct beach access, far fewer crowds – something Jacob and I both greatly appreciate when we travel.

Outside of three nights of lovely wedding festivities, during our time in the region  we visited a limoncello factory, saw the beautiful duomo in Amalfi, enjoyed foggy coastline views on a ferry ride to Positano, had the best lemon granita I’ve ever tasted, ate cones of fried, fresh seafood, strolled the quiet, romantic streets of Ravello, tasted local wines and cheese, and spent as much time as we could on our spacious apartment balcony, which offered sweeping views of the surrounding green mountains, and bright blue sea below.

After an unbelievable wedding celebration on Saturday night, we spent Sunday touring the ruins of Pompeii, rolled into Naples just in time for a Neapolitan pizza for dinner that night, and then spent our final day on Monday exploring the colorful neighborhood of Trastevere in Rome before flying home.

Next week, I’ll take you to one of my favorite overlooked attractions in Paris, but for now, enjoy with me some snapshots from Italy.

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