Welcome to the Daily Doss! Here you’ll find a bit of me, Jennifer Doss, and my everyday life. I am a copywriter by day, freelance journalist by night. I love food, swoon over stationery, and am a restless traveler. When I’m not in the kitchen, you’ll likely find me drooling over pretty paper products, hanging out with my Pyrador puppy, Heidi, or exploring God’s creation traveling this beautiful earth.

I’ve hopped around the country for the last several years supporting my husband Jacob during his academic career. We were married in Arkansas where we were both born and raised, before heading east to spend a couple wonderful years in the great city of Boston.

Boston’s numerous ethnic restaurants, thriving markets, and artisanal food shops stirred my passion for food and provided near limitless opportunities to explore both traditional and exotic fares. While my weekends were spent on the docks of Boston searching for the best clam chowder, or sampling a range of sharp cheddar or pure maple syrup from Vermont’s ubiquitous family-run farm stands, my weeks found me immersed in the local Jewish culture, learning the art of kosher cooking. Learning kosher dietary laws while working as a caretaker and personal chef broadened my horizons and expanded my interest in the relationship between food and culture, and thus, The Daily Doss was born. This is where I come to talk about food, travels, and life. It’s my escape, my creative vice. And while I sometimes disappear for a week or two, I promise to always return with a yummy recipe or with photos from my most recent travels.

I said goodbye to Boston two years ago, and now call Austin, Texas my new home. As the hubs works on his PhD, I spend my days working as a copywriter, and daydreaming about where we will travel to next.

Sit and stay a while. Read, and enjoy. Feel free to comment and share your thoughts. I’m always curious as to what my readers think. Thanks for stopping by!


Looking to drop a line? Email me at thedailydoss@gmail.com.

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    1. I am from Northwest Arkansas as well! 🙂 Arkansas really is quite beautiful, although, I am currently really missing New England! Especially all of that beautiful New England fall foliage!

      1. A New England autumn is the loveliest of seasons and I understand why anyone would miss it.

        I will be missing the dogwoods blooming in the Ozarks (we used to drive to Eureka Springs along US 62 to marvel at the blossoms as they seemingly float in the woods), in late February, when it’s miserably cold and drizzling sleet here.

  2. Hi! I see your from Arkansas and I was wanting to make a fall trip there for some autumn pics. Do you have any places you would suggest any where in the state?
    Thank you! Good luck in Boston!

    1. Hi! What a great idea! The fall is a wonderful time to visit Arkansas. The Ozark Mountains are a great place to see some beautiful fall foliage. The Buffalo River area is one of my favorite places to visit as there’s a lot of great outdoor activities to do. Fishing, hiking, canoeing, etc. The Pig Trail scenic byway is another popular spot. Below you’ll find a couple of websites that might prove helpful. I’ve also included two links that show the work of a local wilderness photographer, Tim Ernst, who has done a wonderful job capturing the beauty of Arkansas in the fall. Good luck planning your trip and have a wonderful time!


      1. Oh wow! Thank you for all the wonderful info. I am looking forward to seeing all the beauty!
        Thank you, thank you! I am so grateful:)

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