Cape Cod

So Long, Farewell

As much as I’ve avoided admitting it, this is sadly our last week living in Boston. We’ve finished what we moved here for, and now it is time for us to move on. We don’t know exactly what is next for us, but we are excited to find out. For now, we have one last […]


Escape to the Cape

As a child, I never had any trouble locating Massachusetts on a map. Just like I could always identify Italy as the country shaped like a boot, I always knew Massachusetts as the state with the flexing arm. Ever since we moved to Boston, I’ve wanted to visit the tip of the cape, or as […]


45 Days Too Late

Was October 14th really my last blog post? Boy have I been slacking… Where do I begin? So much has happened over the past month and a half. Like… …We went to Long Island to see my grandma who was in town visiting my great aunts. This is the house that she grew up in. […]