Cate Jones Photography

Liebster Award

I’m not typically the type to answer random Q&A style posts on the internet. You know, like the ones that are constantly popping up all over Facebook these days? Although, when I read a comment from fellow blogger Maci from┬áThe Thoughtful Plate, informing me that I had been nominated for a Liebster blog award, I […]


Meet Cate

This is Cate, my darling and talented friend. Isn’t she precious? Cate is one of those people who you just long to be around. Her happiness is contagious, and her kind spirit won me over. I still remember the first time I met her. It wasn’t long after we moved here. The hubs and I […]



Hi there! A lot has been happening lately, though there’s not much to show for it here. My life has been filled with many good things these past few weeks. There’s been much to tell, and not enough time to tell it. Earlier in May, I had a super fun photo shoot with my dear […]