Vermont Getaway

Well friends, I hate to say it, but nature wasn’t so kind to us this weekend. Our much anticipated leaf peeping getaway turned into something more closely related to one of those “what else could possibly go wrong” episodes from your favorite sitcom, than it did a relaxing, peaceful weekend away. We started our trip […]


It’s Here!

It’s here! Friday! It has finally made it! I woke up twice this week thinking that it was Friday. Once on Monday (I know, how does that even happen?) and then again yesterday. This girl is obviously ready for the weekend. Just 4 more hours to go. This week has been cold, dreary, and just flat out […]


New Hampshire Getaway

A funny thing I have notice about the North is that the people here are  so fascinated by all things “country.” Some farmers come to town for a food festival, and the festival is swarmed by city dwellers. October rolls around, and everyone flocks to the pumpkin farms. It’s a nice weekend, and the locals […]