Hello From Texas



It has been a busy and eventful summer and I have much to report, but for now, I wanted to drop a quick line from my new home state of Texas!

It has been six days since we rolled into Austin, but we’ve yet to explore much of this great city besides taking multiple trips to IKEA and Target. We’ve spent days rummaging through boxes, building furniture, and trying to add some flare to our cute new home. We are 70% there I would say, but it still feels like we have weeks of work to go.

Our apartment complex sits right on the Colorado River, or Ladybird Lake as it’s called around here, staring straight at the downtown skyline and offering us a river view that can’t be beat.  We are walking distance to some great restaurants and bars, and are just a short car or bike ride away from the city’s best parks and grocery stores. There are a couple of great food trucks parked right next door, one that even sells kale chips and local kombucha. I am grateful for the find as our pantry is pretty desolate and I am always in search for a good snack…

The hubs heads to campus today to nail down school logisitcs before classes start later this month. He’s excited and ready, though I know he is enjoying a few weeks off before his program begins.  Meanwhile, I’m decorating, writing, and actively looking for work. I’m browsing the web and flipping through photos in search for the perfect pictures and artwork to hang on our walls, and reading up on Texas crops learning the dos and don’ts of planting in this incredibly hot state.

We are eager to get out and explore, but I am proud with the amount of work we’ve accomplished thus far. It’s hot here, like 107 degrees at 7:00 at night hot, so I currently don’t have a lot of motivation to head outside. For now, I am enjoying the sunshine through our windows, staying cool with the breeze of a fan, decorating our new space, and making #101 feel more like home.

Until next time!


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I apologize for my absence lately. Between starting a new job, finding a place to live, and adjusting to life back in Fayetteville, I’ve not had much time to spend in front of my computer.


The hubs is back at his old job working as a legal assistant, while I’ve taken a job in Public Relations at a local clothing boutique. I’m working on managing my new schedule, learning to allow enough time for unpacking, as well as a bit of time for blogging and freelance work.

IMG_7420We moved out of my parent’s pool house last week, finally moving into a little place of our own. It’s a small townhouse just a few short blocks away from work. We like to pretend as we are back in Boston as we walk to where it is that we need to go. We live just across the street from a grocery store, and only a few blocks from our favorite park. We are just blocks away from the local farmer’s market, and walking distance to some of the city’s best restaurants. There’s a small elementary school across the road, and two beautiful churches right at the end of the street.

IMG_7407 IMG_7411IMG_7437I’m learning to deal with the quirks of this apartment, just the same as I did in Boston. It surprisingly has less kitchen space and storage than our apartment there, but the amount of closest space elsewhere helps to make up for that. I don’t love the carpet, as I am accustomed to hardwood floors, but beggars can’t be choosers, as they say.

IMG_7432It offers plenty of sunlight, and has a ton of space. Having sold the majority of our furniture before our move, we’re having to get creative with where we put our stuff. As we’ll relocate again in under a year, we’re not interested in spending much time or money on fixing this place up. IKEA is all to tempting to me right now, and Pinterest is equally as dangerous. I think that this season will deal a lot with simplicity, something that I could probably use a bit more of in my life.

We’ve been living out of boxes for far too long and I am anxious for more organization and structure in my life. Fayetteville is starting to feel a bit more like home again as we fall into our new routine. I’m rediscovering this city, and am constantly finding new things to love. I’m learning to appreciate each day that we have here, as moving again will likely come much too soon. For now, it’s back to unpacking boxes… cleaning up this maze that we stumble our way through each day.

Until next time!

Hello from Arkansas

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Over the past six weeks we’ve traveled to two continents, seven countries, and five states. After nearly two months of travel, our nomadic lifestyle has finally come to an end. Since my last post we returned to the U.S., enjoyed a few days in Boston, visited family in upstate New York,  crossed the border to Canada, and journeyed across the Midwest.

Words can hardly sum up how wonderful our time in Europe was, but over the next several weeks, I will do my best to try. I have over a 1000 pictures to sort through, and I am still having trouble even processing the fact that I am back in the states. Once life slows down a bit, I hope to reflect on our journey, reminiscence with pictures, and share some of our favorite memories with you.


Our last few days spent in Boston were lovely, but also terribly painful. I cherished those last few days in our beloved city, drinking in every last moment with dear friends. Though grateful for that time, I couldn’t wait to get out of there. Not because I actually wanted to leave, but because I knew that I had to. It was like ripping off a Band-Aid incredibly slowly. I wanted that time there, but maybe one quick and painful goodbye would have made things easier.

We had a relaxed few days, visiting a blueberry farm, wandering about the city, sipping on our favorite brews, and enjoying time with friends. Though we still had a few things left on our “Boston To Do List,” we took a simpler approach and just relaxed in the city that we called home. After an entertaining night out on Saturday, we finished off our last few hours with Sunday brunch, and the company of cherished friends.  I composed myself pretty well during our last goodbyes, but as soon as I walked out the door, the waterworks started flowing. It really goes without saying, but I am terrible at goodbyes…


After one last drive by our apartment building, we hit the road, sitting in silence for the better part of an hour. We held hands, and exchanged a few sad glances, but seemed to have a hard time with the whole concept of speech. Every now and then the hubs would ask if I was okay, and I would respond with a pitiful nod. Occasionally, I’d give him a reassuring touch, remembering that I wasn’t the only one who was sad. Things went on like that for a good while, until I finally dozed off, thinking about the wonderful place and people we just left behind.

My spirits were lifted a bit when we arrived in Oswego, New York, where we visited with family who I’d not seen in years. We took a drive by lake Ontario, munched on my favorite Italian cookies, and laughed until we cried while my great uncle shared priceless stories.


From Oswego, we took a drive to Canada, where we spent the afternoon visiting Niagara Falls. Though the falls were breathtaking, we didn’t stay long, both feeling anxious to make it home. After a quick stop in Columbus, OH we spent 14 monotonous hours in the car, looking at nothing but cornfields and NASCAR signs. Needless to say, I couldn’t have been happier to cross the Arkansas border.

Now here we are, back in Arkansas, where the weather is hot, the days are slow, and the people are a bit friendlier. Though it still feels like we are only here for a visit, it sure is nice to be in the company of family and friends. Not much has changed since we left, but I am determined to dig up new and exciting things to do.


In the grand scheme of things, our time here is relatively short. In no more than a year, we will relocate, once again having to settle into a new city. We will have to say goodbye once more, and deal with the awful emotions that go along with leaving place behind. But for now, I intend to enjoy every minute that we have in our beautiful home state.

Until next time!