New England

Makin’ Cider

Cider is one of those things that I can drink during any time of the year. I love it on a brisk, autumn day when the sun is shining but the air is cold. Some of my sweetest memories  drinking cider take place bundled around a campfire surrounded by those that I love. Jacob and I tried many […]


New England Lobster Rolls

New Englanders take their lobster rolls seriously. There’s a science to this meal, and everyone has their own solution. Some like it warm, and some like it cold. Some like their meat frisked with mayo, and others like it naked  with a side of drawn butter. Some like only tail meat, while others enjoy the […]


New Hampshire Getaway

A funny thing I have notice about the North is that the people here are  so fascinated by all things “country.” Some farmers come to town for a food festival, and the festival is swarmed by city dwellers. October rolls around, and everyone flocks to the pumpkin farms. It’s a nice weekend, and the locals […]