Maple-Walnut Pie

Well friends, as of last night I officially finished my month of pie. Tomorrow is a new month, and the Christmas season will officially begin. It’s time to move on from the flavors of the harvest and delight ourselves with all that winter has to offer. I saved the Maple-Walnut pie for last for a […]


Caramel Apple-Cherry Pie

What’s more American than an apple pie? A cherry pie? How about an apple-cherry pie? In honor of the election I started off my pie making endeavors with a caramel apple-cherry pie. It just felt like the appropriate thing to do while watching election coverage. I mean, a sweet potato pie doesn’t really scream America. […]


A Month of Pie

November. A month of many things. Beards, turkeys, and tasty fall brews. Pilgrims, sweaters, and a maybe a pie or two. No other dessert says autumn quite like a pie. The plums, pears, apples, cranberries and gourds now filling grocery store bins are calling my name. The harvest is finished and it’s time to get […]